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    Post  Admin on Thu Oct 08, 2009 4:30 am

    I guess you could say that this is a strategy/role playing game.

    This game lets you play as either a GI Joe team member or a Cobra member. It is assumed that each character represents an NCO. Each team will determine a leader. For G.I. Joe it's an election, while for Cobra it's luck. The leader will then decide upon his general staff. He is allowed to pick 2 Officers and for the Joe team one of these must be picked from fellow nominees. Both teams are allowed between 8 or 10 additional players or squad leaders.

    Both factions will initially pick their characters from a list of specialists. There are five different specializations to choose from. However, players will be called upon to play specific characters from their faction. Often times they will be allowed to 'upgrade' mid game.

    Each Character is issued a signature showcasing their appearance. Players also get character sheets that display basic stats and this picture will be posted on their character sheet as well. The leaders won't have a choice, character wise. They will be playing either the newly promoted General Hawk or an up and coming terrorist, Cobra Commander. The rest of the Joe team will be selected from green shirts while cobra troopers and officers will fill out the rest. Many named characters will eventually be available, not to mention additional factions.

    The leaders and their teams have specific goals of course, one advocates fear while the other advocates freedom. To represent this, both teams have a point count. Cobra has fear points and GI Joe has freedom points. When one score goes up, the other goes down. If G.I. Joe spends two points, they pay those points to Cobra, and vice versa. Cobra is trying to get 100 fear points (At the beginning they have none) and GI Joe is trying to stop them from doing so by defending international assets and defeating Cobra leaders. It all boils down to where they are and when. If there happens to be an enemy on that same space combat is the result. A die rolling system helps determine the winner in a firefight.

    Though Cobra starts with no fear points (G.I. Joe has them all, they just call them freedom points) they can launch terrorist attacks anywhere in order to quickly gain points and they can act rather independent of each other. Usually the Joe team wont be able to prevent these unpredictable attacks. The Joes have to be smart about it and they have to work together. They must prevent attacks which is usually a matter of luck, but more importantly, they must track down or locate the Cobra forces, and confront them. Sure, since they start with all the points they can recon every corner of the world but that will not only cost them but feed right into their enemies hand.

    To help narrow down the battlefield there are also objectives that come up along the way. These bring both factions into one area worth many more points. In some ways the game will change from a global game to an objective based game using smaller maps including a jungle mountain, buildings, cave networks, and even a supertanker. These instances will at times introduce new characters and vehicles to the campaign.

    The game can handle as many as thirty players. Maybe more. I can only handle about thirteen on each team, so maybe 26 players. The outcome is totally determined by math and a die roll. The game operator must do all the math. There are over 250 different spaces, and fifteen different colored regions. Each space has a code on it that helps me keep track of where the players are. There are also quite a few naval spaces, though navy hasn't been brought into the rules yet. There will be plenty of additions. I'm certain to include air forces and tank columns very soon. I've already made up the dreadnoks so their sure to be included in the future, as well as other characters and factions. I want to test it with the infantry first though. I think it will be an interesting game in which you help write the story. I want to give it a try. I hope you feel so inclined yourself.

    If you want to venture further into this game, take the next step by following this link....


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